Choosing the carpet for your house means having access to a world of unique advantages which will last in time. It means embracing a real philosophy of life, directed towards comfort, relax, simplicity and duration in time, without foregoing fantasy, design and personalisation.

The most important features of a carpet are:

Guarantee of comfort and safety

Comfort and charm blend to offer exclusive feelings of cosiness to your feet, thanks to its ability to cushion and the quality of textile fibres used. Carpet also protects your articulations and helps to prevent falls in the home.

Long term hygiene and cleanliness

A quality carpet influences positively on the surrounding micro climate, thanks to its ability to decrease the fine dust present in the environment. It’s very easy to clean using various washing methods, simple suction, treatment using dry dusts, dry extraction, stain-resistant treatments, all with reduced maintenance costs.

Thermal and sound insulation

The carpet has a great insulation capacity, reducing the sound of footsteps by almost 90% and consequently improving acoustics in the surrounding environment. This also affects the overall reduction in individual stress. The insulation of the carpet isn’t only acoustic, but also thermal, as it helps to preserve heat and to reduce energy waste.

Ease of laying and resistance in time

Ease of laying is one of the most important features of a carpet, together with its complete adaptability to every space and surface. It can be modulated and is easy to remove if necessary. A quality carpet also stands the wear and tear of time, ensuring a remarkable duration in time.


The possibility to choose between infinite solutions and combinations of carpet allows to furnish your environments with versatility and elegance, choosing perfect colours for your domestic space and not only, satisfying personal fantasy and style.

Respect for the environment

The materials used for the production of our carpets are ecologic and facilitates energy saving in the environment. The carpet is recyclable and can last forever, if it’s properly kept.





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