Combining attention to innovation, development and competitiveness with respect for the environment: this is the corporate and cultural choice, that has marked the philosophy of Luca and Nico Fontana, respectively President and Managing Director of Montecolino, over the years.

Why is Montecolino considered a green firm?


Energy efficiency.

In 2010 an analysis of energy efficiency was carried out in the productive site and this analysis helped the company to pick out the most important interventions to reduce consumptions.


Since 2011 there has been a new photovoltaic plant (255.99 kW p), able to guarantee 274.319 kWh of electric power (almost 10% of the company’s consumption). This investment aims to reduce carbon dioxide output by 182,10 t/year, compared to the pollution that would be produced by a thermoelectric power plant providing the same electric energy.

100.000 euros invested in energy conservation.

In 2011 we decided to modify equipment, with a great investment (about 100.000 euros) in energy conservation. This investment is only the beginning of a path that should lead to a reduction of more than 9% expressed in TOE (tonne of oil equivalent), that is the unit of energy used to define the amount of energy released related to electricity and heat consumption from sources such as gas oil.

Lightness and reduced volume of reels of Montecolino’s products

translate to reduced travelling, lower consumption of fuel and therefore less pollution: for a loaded truck of, for example, carpet to use at an expo, the limit is not based on weight, but on volume. With Montecolino’s products it is possible to load up to 20% more per m2 compared with standard products. In the case of transport by van, the problem is the weight and not the volume. In a standard van there can be a maximum of 13 reels in a height of 4 metres. Of course, the reduced volume also translates into reduced storage space and therefore in smaller warehouses and lower investments.

Attenzione agli sprechi

Montecolino’s products are designed to be laid with smaller double-sided adhesive tape and/or using a reduced quantity of glue. In addition, Montecolino’s products are designed to use modern ecological water-based glue.

The daily attention to production.

Montecolino’s products are notably lightweight, whilst maintaining their high level of performance: lighter products require less raw materials, reducing production costs and optimising the volume and weight of the product with obvious energy savings in handling and transport. But not only: every product is designed according to the principle of the uniformity of the raw materials used, to ensure that they are easily recyclable.

The allocation of corporate waste.

In addition to the separate collection of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, iron and other materials, Montecolino pays great attention to the final destination of textile edgings used the production cycle, which are separated according to their composition and recuperated outside the company.

Care for the establishments, offices and any working area.

Montecolino is always mindful of the well-being of the people who work in the company and always maintains optimum working condition for every employee


The control of emissions is constantly underway, with the help of institutions responsible for discharge control.


For some products, non-toxic certification of the components.





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