MontECOlino is always careful to the environmental impact of its products



Montecolino has always taken great care over the design of its products and over the last ten years has also committed to reducing its environmental impact, resulting in a considerable reduction in production of waste and emissions

Since 2017 Montecolino decides to exploit the experience matured in 15 years of recovery of the internal waste and to apply the system of recovery of the carpet after its use.


The project:
We have developed a carpet management system for the exhibition industry that provides for the transformation in a new raw material after use. Stop to the dumps for a sustainable future in the fair sector, following the concept of Circular economy as defined by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A New Beginning:
The carpet from the shows is transformed into raw material for new products.

The winning strategy of Montecolino, which for over 50 years has grown and developed in maximum industrial and financial soundness, is linked to its fundamental choice to design, produce and sell in the constant pursuit of quality. The highest quality in every phase of design and production, a quality achieved through the careful selection of raw materials, the efficiency of the production machinery and constant in-house laboratory analysis of every phase of production.

An in-house research team has been hard at work for many years, supported by a successful partnership with the university world, producing important results both in the development of new products and in the development of new processes.

The experience gained for exhibition products has also been extended to articles for other destinations.

In December 2018 we obtain the eco-friendly certificate





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